Friday, November 25, 2016

What I’d say if I could to a Trump voter, failing miserably

I’m afraid I’ll need to apologize for being one of the people
who is able to see what’s going on
better than you. I used to say “other than you,” but I’m done with that.
I’ve tried to live a life of jerky parallel lines, but I kept wanting to
push the spike of until until it sparked against the other;
I’ve been called a pyromaniac for that, the milder of the names
you fling against me, as if I’m a stripped banana
and you’re dangling the right peel to make me decent again,
by which I think you mean “ashamed.”
As a “libtard,” as you like to call me, I’d have been the first
to question whether I could rightly claim to have the better claim.
Then you chose a leader so unprecedented, so monstrous,
this thing you’d created out of your I-must-shut-my-people-pool
to-what-I-can-control, those stagnant waters
you must whip and chlorinate to low-key cadet blue
to match the wideness of your smile, to mask the sewage
of your sad, embodied, social lives, insofar as life is embodied, sad & social
for anyone. Look, it’s not too late, and if I say, hey I can see the ways
that I helped make this creature too, the one who’d never care
if something happened to me or you, but we both care
what happens to the masses of people, don't we?

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